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Engaging young people with futures in the Earth crisis

This offers background information about the Earth crisis, about young people’s ‘future anxiety’ and approaches to increase their agency and hope. Go to these sections: [visual grid]

Understanding the Earth crisis

Facing the crisis with young people

Framing careers of the future

The role of arts and creativity

Taking action for the future

“We have to be realistic about the fact that we’ve locked in a very difficult future for a lot of people. We’ve screwed things up badly enough that even if we do everything right from here on out, we’re still looking at a future of staccato climate disasters. But I don’t believe we have the luxury of throwing up our hands and saying: “We’re doomed, let’s just go Mad Max on this.” I think there are ways of preparing for those shocks, that build a way of living with one another that is significantly kinder and more generous than the way we currently live with one another, which is really quite brutal.”

Naomi Klein